Phillips Screwdrivers - The Pros And Cons

  • Saturday, 23 January 2021
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Phillips Screwdrivers - The Pros And Cons

For any handyman or woman, a Phillips screwdriver set is indispensable.phillips screwdrivers If you're like most, then chances are good that you use more than one Phillips screwdriver of various sizes. A standard set of Phillips screwdrivers includes one hexagonal head and two flat-head screws.

There are many kinds of screwdrivers which are handy for different things around the home.phillips screwdrivers phillips screwdrivers They can also sometimes be used on a Phillips screw and may double as a ratchet breaker in emergency situations. Known historically for being much less likely to completely round a screw, the flat end of these is also prone to slipping slightly out of a tight spot if too much pressure is applied. This is why ratchet handles were invented: so that the Phillips head would have something to grab onto if it did slip out of place.

Ratchets are usually either spring loaded or tensioned, but there are some cordless drills that have both. Phillips screw drivers with ratchet bites are usually the more expensive variety. These kinds of screws are made of nylon and have a small rubber sleeve on each end which goes over the screw to hold the bits. The edges of the sleeve tend to be sharp, so using the ratchet bit can be dangerous if the rubber sleeve isn't kept sharp. Nylon is also difficult to keep clean, making these kinds of accessories unpleasant to use.

Flat head Phillips screw drivers are very popular for many people because they are much easier to grip than the slanted variety. Some even have a side stud for extra grip. Some of the newer styles of flat head Phillips are made with a drop side which allows you to place the bit in a reverse slot to quickly remove the screw. Many older style ratchets do not have this feature, and the end that the screwdriver will drop into tends to be fairly smooth. This can make it difficult to grip and the bits may not fit as tightly.

Screw drivers with double ended features are the most modern and feature a serrated edge on both the teeth and the shaft. This allows for much more leverage and gives the user greater control when screwing. Often these screwdrivers will have a v-groove in the side of the blade that allows the screw to spin much faster. These screwdrivers will cost a little more than cordless screwdrivers but may be worth the investment if you are seriously into DIY projects and like to use your hands. Make sure that the blade is strong enough to handle the torque because if it is not, you could damage the handle or worse, your screwdriver!

All Phillips screwdrivers come with different sized heads, so if you are replacing the existing ones, you will want to determine what size of drive and which style of head you need to obtain. The advantage of the higher torque values is that they can be much faster. The biggest disadvantage is that they require regular replacement of the assembly and if you do not have this type of equipment, you will be left holding an expensive screw that is useless. High torque drives are available in both cordless and corded versions and are widely used by professionals, but you should always have the correct tool for the job.

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