Dust Mirrors - Dust Off Your Mirror to Decorate

  • Saturday, 02 January 2021
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Dust Mirrors - Dust Off Your Mirror to Decorate

Have you ever been to a jeweler or had a jeweler polish your own silver mirror? If you have you probably noticed how beautiful it looks.dust mirror It is like adding sparkle to a dull mirror. Mirrors are important because they let you see yourself in a new light.

A mirror reflects your face as much as your eye color.dust mirror It helps to change your appearance and gain a sense of who you really are. This is also important when choosing jewelry because your mirror is the image you project to others. This is why most people have a mirror. When purchasing an item such as a ring or bracelet, it is important to choose one that is very well crafted.

During the Middle Ages, the mirror was made to reflect the image of Jesus. By adding mercury to the mixture the mirror would reflect evenly around the glass giving the appearance that the gold was evenly dispersed throughout the piece. In this method the mercury vaporized, leaving only the clear silver as dust. This method would leave quite a tell tale mark; what seems to be very fine dust would resemble diamond dust.

Today you can purchase modern Dust Makers that would allow for you to create your own dust mirrors. If you desire to create your own mirror, you can use an electric dust bower to blast the dust from the top of the surface of the mirror. You will need a fine tooth sandpaper and some cotton wool.

First you would need to sand the top of the surface. Then use a fine tooth sandpaper to sand the bottom. The purpose of these sandpapers is to ensure that the dust particles are off of the polished finish. When you have done both sides, you should place a piece of cotton wool on the surface. The purpose of this is to act as a barrier to dust. A dusting brush can be used to remove excess dust until the desired finish is achieved.

Dusting mirrors can be a fun project. There is nothing to specialize about it other than you wish for the dusting mirror to look like it was created during the Middle Ages. With this simple dusting technique you can have an item that shows that you have decorated your home. The possibilities with this dust mirror are endless.

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