Digital Microscope Cameras - Get The Best For Your Money

  • Monday, 11 January 2021
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Digital Microscope Cameras - Get The Best For Your Money

There are many types of microscopes and one popular type is a digital microscope camera. Digital microscope cameras are a great way for a student or scientist to view their specimen or object. There are many advantages to using a digital microscope camera as opposed to using traditional lenses and eyepieces. These digital microscope cameras have many features and subcomponents that are extremely useful to the scientist, beekeeper, or veterinary lab operator.

There are five basic digital microscope camera choices and they are covered in detailed detail below. The first option includes a single lens reflex camera. The single lens reflex (or simply "quick focus" cameras) have no image processing functions and rely on the user to focus the camera properly. These types of cameras also tend to be a bit fickle when it comes to image quality and the image might come out a little fuzzy.

The second option includes an SLR microscope camera. Some of the better brands such as Minox can even work with traditional microscope slides. The third option is an eyepiece adapter which allows for use with both standard and magnifying glasses and magnifying lenses. These types of microscopes often have a very high quality image stabilization system that eliminates shake from shaking your specimen. It is important to make sure the eyepiece adapters you choose fit your particular brand and model.

The fourth option is the FOV (field of view) sensors, which are built into many of today's compact digital microscopes. FOV cameras work by using image sensors to detect light passing through and produces an image of the area that is illuminated. The FOV feature is usually on the back or front of the microscope, above the optical axis. Most FOV digital cameras offer manual settings and can be used with a wide variety of eyepieces.

One last option is the state of art color microscope cameras. These modern generation color cameras are capable of providing image clarity comparable to much larger systems yet at a fraction of the cost. These type of systems utilize a combination of technologies including image sensors, real time digital image processing algorithms and digital image storage to allow for the capture and playback of color images across a wide range of magnification.

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